Who’s The Boss (Of Compliance)?

Recently, Donna Boehme and Joe Murphy conducted an hour long webinar with the Practising Law Institute (PLI) entitled “Who’s the Boss (Of Compliance)?”. Whos the boss

Over the past decade the reporting line of the compliance function has generated much debate. Should the Compliance Officer report to the GC, CEO or the Board? In the midst of significant momentum for an independent elevated CCO with direct, unfiltered access to the governing body, regulators and prosecutors have heightened their scrutiny of the CCO’s positioning and empowerment.

Donna Boehme and Joe Murphy held a lively discussion addressing:

  • The pros and cons of different reporting lines;
  • The evolving best practice; and
  • The other features of a CCO role, apart from the reporting line (e.g. line of sight, seat at the table and resources), that have equally profound impact on the effectiveness of the compliance program.

An audio version of the webinar will be soon be posted on the PLI website for purchase.  For now, you can view the powerpoint presentation here.

If you have further questions on the presentation, please contact us and we’ll sure to answer you!

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