Making training interactive: One idea

Making training interactive: One idea

Joe Murphy – Compliance & Ethics Professional – September/October 2013


If all the things we compliance and ethics people do, clearly one of the most important is training and public speaking. As trainers and speakers, we typically want to engage the audience and make the presentation interactive. We know that is a goal, but there is more to it than simply saying, “Any questions?” at the end of our presentation.

I am sure there are many clever approaches, but I want to share one I have found consistently effective.

Perhaps you have had the experience many of us have had. We finish our talk and then ask if there are any questions. At least a moment of tense silence follows, but if luck is with us, someone raises a hand. Or as we begin the talk, we sense at least a few in the audience are more interested in their smartphones or are on temporary mental holidays. How do we engage them?

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