Fixing the fence problem

Fixing the fence problem (Mandate is king—Part 2)

Donna Boehme – Compliance & Ethics Professional – April 2016


Roy Snell wrote a great post advising CCOs not to “overreach,” which got me thinking about the many ways this can happen. Every CCO knows the feeling of spending much of their day having items thrown over the fence by others who wish to pass off unwanted work, then the rest of the day retrieving things that have been appropriated from the Compliance side of the fence by well-meaning colleagues.

In an early CCO role, I learned that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) had asked members of my team to work on a CSR project. Soon after, role confusion started going viral through
the organization, so I took action. First, I organized a Compliance 101 “boot camp” for my team to create a common understanding of our mandate (and to stop Roy’s mission creep). Second, I wrote my first white paper on how CSR and Compliance are different, and how they need to interact.

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