Extend the impact of your compliance training

Extend the impact of your compliance training

Joe Murphy – Compliance & Ethics Professional – January 2015


Training is a core part of any compliance program. How can people follow the rules if they don’t know what the rules are? We also know that training needs to have a real impact if it is going to affect what people do. We can use many tools, bring in the best trainers, use the best techniques for adult learning, and even mix in the use of drama through online media. Even with these excellent methods what happens after the training? The employee goes back to the normal world of work, and all the job requirements, pressures, and urgent messages are there to grab his/her focus. Even for the best training, how much impact is there a week or two later?

Consider another fact in this picture. The most important influencer in an employee’s work life is the immediate boss. Sure, the CEO may set the tone at the top, but for those who don’t live at the top, the immediate supervisor is the most important person in the company.

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