Compliance training: Is it just about information?

Compliance training: Is it just about information?

Joe Murphy – Compliance & Ethics Professional – November 2014

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“They don’t need the compliance training; they already know this stuff.” If you hear this, what do you do? Assume (but be very skeptical) that they do already know that price fixing, bribes, and fraud are illegal. If employees know the facts, is your job done? Is the purpose of the training just to be sure that those who might get into trouble know the rules? Is the way to prevent violations of law and unethical conduct just to give employees information about the rules?

Education certainly includes transfer of information, but there is more to it. Compliance training also plays a crucial motivational role to help lead people to do the right thing. Consider the big corporate scandals. Did the people in these cases already know bribery or fraud was wrong? Here’s a good guide: If people hide and cover up conduct, they know it is wrong. If one looks at the high-profile cases, one finds scant evidence that knowledge was the issue.

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