A Conversation with Joe Murphy

A Conversation with Joe Murphy

Roy Snell (roy.snell@corporatecompliance.org) CEO of the SCCE and HCCA, interviewed Joe Murphy (jemurphy5730@gmail.com) in February of 2014.

Joe Murphy conversation

RS: Please tell us what The Rutgers Center for Government Compliance and Ethics
(The Center) is about?

JM: Basically, we seek to promote the use of effective ethics and compliance programs, now prevalent in the private sector, as an important tool for government to ensure ethical and legal conduct in the public sector. The effort is directed at all levels of government and relies on the compliance program standards in the Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations (FSGO) and best practices among corporations, universities, non-profits, and other organizations that already are using compliance programs.

My view is that any organization that employs people faces risks of illegal and unethical conduct. Governments are no exception. Governments have been slow up until now in recognizing this fundamental point. It is notable, though, that the definitions under the FSGO include governmental bodies in the definition of “organization.” We also see value in this approach in governments around the world.

RS: What brought you to the point of working with Rutgers Law School to start The Center?

JM: I had established the Jay A. Sigler Fund for Corporate Compliance in 2008 at Rutgers University to help business, governmental, and non-profit organizations better understand and utilize compliance and ethics programs. The fund was named for Jay Sigler, a professor emeritus of public policy and administration at Rutgers–Camden and a personal mentor while I was an undergraduate student at Rutgers. I decided to focus on governmental compliance programs as it appeared to me that, in terms of organizational compliance, there was almost a complete absence of effort on the part of government organizations to implement the compliance methodologies so prevalent in the private sector.

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