Dear Professor

By Joe Murphy, CCEP, JD

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Whenever I read a law review or other academic article on a topic like antitrust I am usually impressed by the author’s experience and background. When a professor writes about antitrust you can count on years of experience and study in the area. So why is it, when I read an article about compliance and ethics programs I rarely if ever see this type of background? The author may be at a top university with tons of credentials in other subjects, but nevertheless chooses to write about this subject area without that same level of background or expertise. So as a favor for my friends and colleagues in academia I write this little note. Here are things to look out for in your writing in this area. The observations are based on my having read a number of articles in this field. There is no pretense that this is a comprehensive list, just a few observations based on my own experience reading these articles.

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