Is the Sky Falling?

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October 4, 2011 Ethicspoint Webinar – (Greenberg/Boehme)

cci_skyfall125In September 2011, the RAND Corporation released a report entitled For Whom the Whistle Blows: Advancing Corporate Integrity and Compliance Efforts in the Era of Dodd-Frank, summarizing key themes and takeaway lessons from a recent symposium featuring a leading group of prominent corporate directors and executives, chief ethics and compliance officers, and stakeholders from the government, industry, academic and nonprofit sectors.

A major theme from the RAND symposium was that corporations and regulators actually share significant common interest in protecting and encouraging internal compliance and reporting within companies. Yet even apart from the new Dodd-Frank rules, many companies have experienced long-standing challenges in getting employees to come forward to report on misconduct and fraud internally, due to employee fears about confidentiality, retaliation, and management inertia and failure to act on any reports that they do receive.

Join Michael Greenburg and Donna Boehme as they discuss the steps that were emphasized in the RAND symposium as measures that companies could take to encourage internal reporting, such as:

  • Empowering the role of the chief ethics and compliance officer
  • Underlining the responsibility of the corporate board
  • Building a “culture of compliance” in which internal reporting is valued, and in which employees feel safe in coming forward to report


Donna Boehme, Principal, Compliance Strategists, LLC
Michael Greenburg, Director, RAND Center for Corporate Ethics and Governance


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