Putting Pornography to Good Use (Boehme quoted)

Putting Pornography to Good Use

Matt Kelly – Compliance Week – April 26, 2010

pornoLet’s talk about pornography.

Personally, I’d rather keep picking about the Securities and Exchange Commission’s fraud charges against Goldman Sachs, or the kabuki theater transpiring in the Senate this week before lawmakers go ahead and approve the regulatory reform bill everyone already knows will pass. But occasionally more interesting news crops up, and such was the case when yet another porn-on-the-job scandal emerged at the SEC late last week.

The broad contours of the scandal are pretty clear: Several dozen SEC staffers have been caught watching pornography at work, rather than doing more productive tasks like preventing the financial crisis. One senior enforcement attorney averaged more than eight hours a day eyeing X-rated websites; another tried to access 1,800 porn sites in the span of two weeks and admitted it was “kind of a distraction, per se.” Yet another apparently watched porn involving under-aged boys and may face criminal charges. pornographyAnyone who wants to see a full list of the sites under SEC scrutiny, so to speak, can find it on Gawker.com—although if those sites aren’t work-safe for the SEC, assume they’re not work-safe for you either.

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