What Others are Saying About Compliance 2.0

                      –Victor Hugo

The rise of Compliance as a new profession – separate and different than Legal – and the rise of the modern model of Compliance 2.0 – untethered from Legal – is just such an idea whose time has come. 10 years of dialog, analysis, and debate on the topic has drawn on the rich comment and thought leadership of many from the legal and compliance professions, who have added their experienced commentary to the issue, often in the course of observing the details of the latest compliance scandal and observing the flaws in the legal-driven approach to compliance (Compliance 1.0).  Here we give tribute to those who have shared their ideas on the topic, contributing  in significant ways to the conversation about the evolving new model of Compliance 2.0:

On résiste à l’invasion des armées;
on ne résiste pas à l’invasion des idées.

Social Media Week Part VI – Social Media and CCO 3.0

Thomas Fox – The FCPA Compliance Report – August 10, 2015 I conclude this exploration of the uses of social media in doing compliance by exploring why the compliance function is uniquely suited to using social media tools. Long gone are the days when Chief Compliance Officers (CCO) or compliance practitioners were lawyers housed in […]

Mike Scher: Federal healthcare guidance already demands Compliance 2.0 standards

Mike Scher – The FCPA Blog – April 28, 2015 During the past month, I’ve been in London at the SCCE European initiative conference and last week at the Florida convention of the Health Care Compliance Association. The month has been an opportunity to gain some new perspective on the community of global compliance officers. […]

Compliance 2.0 professionals come in from the cold

Mike Scher – The FCPA Blog – April 20, 2015 In the black-and-white world of Compliance 1.0, compliance officers labored alone, emerging now and then to nag the sales force about sticking to the rules and staying out of trouble. The sales people and others spent a lot of time pointing fingers at compliance — […]