The Next Generation

of Compliance

Compliance 2.0 Infographic presented

at Compliance Week 2016

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Download the Compliance 2.0 infographic everyone’s talking about from Compliance Week 2016 in Washington, D.C.


About Compliance 2.0

Need more in-depth information about the evolution of the Compliance function into the modern Compliance 2.0 architecture?

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Knowledge & Resources

Build your Compliance SME! The key to being an empowered Compliance 2.0 CCO is to develop your Compliance SME and to build effective and robust compliance programs that work to detect, prevent, and remediate misconduct and other big problems before third parties force your company to do so, on their own terms. We are continually posting resources that will guide you in the right direction.  Check back often for the latest information, or sign up for our newsletter to stay updated as soon as new items are posted. Or schedule a complimentary 30 minute mentoring call with one of our Senior Strategists (slots are limited!).

The CECO must:

  • Be a Compliance & Ethics professional and subject matter expert
  • Have experience designing and managing a compliance program

The CECO must not:

  • Be a big-name ex-prosecutor, regulator, or law firm partner without actual CECO experience
  • Be hired just to appease/impress investigators, regulators, and the media
  • Empowerment to carry out his/her duties
  • Support from the Board of Directors
  • Clear, unambiguous mandate
  • Senior-level positioning
  • Independent pursuit of the mandate
  • Non-discretionary escalation clause
  • Not a captive arm of Legal
  • Unfiltered Board access
  • Direct reporting line
  • Collaboration, not subordination • Strategic planning meetings
  • Risk management meetings
  • Operational reviews
  • Budget reviews
  • Integration of compliance risk areas
  • Unfettered access to information
  • Proper reporting mechanisms
  • Tearing down of “silos”


  • Shared personnel
  • Personnel reporting to CECO
  • “Dotted line” personnel – Compliance “Champions”


  • Standalone budget
  • Sufficient to fulfill the mandate
  • A strong budget is less expensive than fines
  • Money without SME or the correct architecture is wasted