The Rogue Employee Strikes Again

The Rogue Employee Strikes Again

Donna Boehme – Business Compliance – February 2014


Ah, the big, bad Rogue Employee. You know the one. There you are, a world-class company minding your own business, when a Rogue Employee (or “small group” thereof) comes along and [pick as appropriate] makes unauthorized trades/ bribes some foreign officials/facilitates tax evasion/[insert other crime here]. Don’t we just hate when that happens?

The script is so predictable I am seriously wondering if the in-house public relations “Wizards of Smart” conduct concurrent sessions at their professional conferences entitled: “Press Release Talking Points- Best Practices for Throwing the Rogue Employee Under the Bus”. Here’s my version of the typical CEO response, “The Rogue Employee and Dogs Who Eat Homework”:

We regret that the actions of a single rogue employee, Mr. BadGuy, were contrary to the values of this company. Our long-established principles of integrity, honesty, truth, motherhood, and apple pie have been offended by the scandalous acts of Mr. BadGuy. We condemn the actions of Mr. BadGuy. Mr. BadGuy has left the building.

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