The ‘Rogue Employee’ and Dogs That Eat Homework

The ‘Rogue Employee’ and Dogs That Eat Homework

Donna Boehme – May 3, 2013 – Corporate Counsel

dogs that eat homework

Everyone knows that old chestnut, “The dog ate my homework,” used by children to explain a failure to turn in an assignment with an explanation that 1) is impossible for the teacher to disprove, and 2) instantly absolves the child of blame. Enter the “rogue employee.” Have you ever noticed, when companies become the focus of a compliance scandal, that one of the first instincts of the company spokesperson is to blame the bad act on the proverbial rogue employee? It usually goes something like this:

“We regret that the actions of a single rogue employee, Mr. BadGuy, were contrary to the values of this company. Our long ­established principles of integrity, honesty, truth, motherhood, and apple pie have been offended by the scandalous acts of Mr. BadGuy. We condemn the actions of Mr. BadGuy. Mr. BadGuy has left the building.”

If only it were that easy, we wouldn’t need corporate compliance programs. . . . (Read More)

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