Happy Holidays Dear #EthiTweeps!

Years ago, during a challenging time in my CCO career, one of my dearest mentors sent me a Christmas greeting saying: “Thinking of you and your family and reminding you of all you have accomplished.” I recall how this outreach lifted my spirits, brought a tear to my eye, and helped to put all my woes in perspective. So it is with this in mind that I want to reach out to all #EthiTweeps, CCOs and compliance professionals everywhere today to say “Happy Holidays” and give tribute to all that you do – for your companies, for the profession, and for an ethical leadership culture at all levels of society!

Kristy Grant-Hart does a great job of describing the aspirational part of our jobs in her wonderful book, “How to Be A Wildly Effective Compliance Officer.”  And today, after decades in the trenches and after meeting and hearing from so many of you – my colleagues in compliance and ethics, I agree with Kristy that remembering the noble goals of our mandate is necessary, inspiring and encouraging. Even now, when we have reached the point of no return with Compliance 2.0, I still regard the CCO role as the most difficult and perilous in the corporate landscape, one that requires all the support, protection and encouragement the Board, C-Suite, regulators, policymakers, and the profession can muster! And my 2016 holiday message for all #EthiTweeps –> You is KIND. You is SMART. You is BRAVE. You is IMPORTANT!!

Love, the Lion! #ROWRR!

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