In Compliance 2.0, mandate is king!

In Compliance 2.0, mandate is king!

Donna Boehme – Compliance & Ethics Professional – November 2015


Whenever I evaluate a compliance program, I ask the chief compliance officer (CCO) to describe their job. Often, the response I receive sounds like a task list or job description, rather than a clear picture of a role with a defined mandate as the (i) architect of the compliance program; (ii) subject matter expert of compliance, ethics, and organizational culture; and (iii) developer and overseer of the team needed to build and implement an effective Compliance program that finds, fixes, and prevents misconduct while reinforcing a culture of ethical leadership.
Now, any list of common traits of effective leaders always includes some variation of “has a clear vision of the task ahead and the ability to communicate that to team members.” To this end, I can think of no domain on the corporate landscape that requires a clear, unifying mandate more than that of Compliance. Not only is the profession relatively new and mysterious to casual observers, there is also no shortage of misinformation and misconceptions about the role created and promoted by bystanders with little or no subject matter expertise (and often a strong self-interest in how the role is defined).

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