On Compliance, Read This, Not the Bloviators

On Compliance, Read This, Not the Bloviators

Donna Boehme – Corporate Counsel – July 29, 2015


Michael Volkov, former federal prosecutor, author of the widely followed Corruption, Crime and Compliance Blog, CEO of The Volkov Law Group and an occasional contributor to this column, has just written a terrific post on “Four Signs of a Weak Culture of Compliance and Ethics.” Definitely worth a read and very board-worthy.

When someone like Volkov, a highly respected commentator in the compliance and ethics arena and a veteran of countless federal investigations and prosecutions, decides to write about issues in our field, C&E professionals everywhere should take note. I always learn something from his observations. It is a gift to the profession when he takes time to analyze our issues through the lens of his rich and unique prosecutorial background. (I felt the same way about the work of our dear departed colleague and investigations expert, Jim McGrath.)

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