The Third Man and the Authority of CCOs (Boehme quoted)

The Third Man and the Authority of Chief Compliance Officers

Tom Fox – FCPA Compliance and Ethics Blog – July 9, 2015


Harry Lime is back, although he really never left us. As reported by Kristin M. Jones in a Wall Street Journal (WSJ) article, entitled “Harry Lime Reborn”, the glorious British film noir The Third Man, written by Graham Greene and directed by Carol Reed, has been restored in a new digital version. It opens this week at select theaters and will tour the country this summer. The screenplay was adapted from the book of the same name by the author, Greene. It is the rare movie that is at least as good as the book. Greene himself noted that the story “was never written to be read but only to be seen.”

The story revolves around protagonist Holly Martin (played by Joseph Cotton) who goes to post-war Vienna at the behest of his college buddy Harry Lime (played with aplomb by Orson Welles). Martin arrives after a funeral for Lime and finds out that Lime was dealing in the black market. Martin searches for Lime, meeting his girlfriend and assorted shady characters along the way. He ends up leading the Military Police occupying the city to Lime and there is a final noir-classic chase through the sewers of Vienna.

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