Building the Ship While Sailing

Building the Ship While Sailing: Developing Teams at the CEI

Donna Boehme – Compliance & Ethics Professional – March 2015

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»  Savvy CECOs know they need to invest time training and educating their team to develop them professionally.
»  With so many compliance professionals coming from other disciplines, it is critical that everyone is on the same page and understands the unique mandate of compliance.
»  The right training architecture can ensure that team members are building the right core competencies and are consistent in their vision, goals, and practices.
»  The SCCE CEI can be used as a foundational team building and training tool for new and developing team members.
»  There are many ways to leverage the resources of the CEI to support a team’s training and professional development needs for months following the CEI—the sky’s the limit!

As I reread our team recap of the Chicago SCCE Compliance and Ethics Institute (CEI), I realized that I didn’t see any companies using this well-planned event as a training or professional development opportunity for their Compliance teams. Meh! What a missed opportunity! (“I could have had a V-8!”) Given that this superb week of unparalleled best practice sharing, thought leadership, and networking is the product of months of planning by the finely tuned and talented SCCE staff and leadership, and the best and brightest of our profession’s thought leadership and practitioners, there is no better week in Compliance and Ethics anywhere in the world to leverage as a platform for shared learning and team building. Let me count the ways.

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