Compliance in the Spotlight: Keep Calm and Soldier On

Compliance in the Spotlight: Keep Calm and Soldier On

Donna Boehme – Corporate Counsel – April 22, 2014

soldier on

Welcome to the silly season in compliance.

In the last few weeks, my email and Twitter DM have lit up with messages from chief ethics and compliance officers (CECOs) and others in my networks—all in response to a recent flurry of commentary about a company’s compliance function: where it should report, why it should not be independent or have a seat at the table, what makes a “good CECO” and, oh yes, our gender distribution.

Next thing you know they will be writing about our shoe sizes. But this I say to hard-working CECOs: Keep calm and soldier on.

Lately the profile of the CECO has risen in the media, so all this attention is not a surprise. Given an increasingly perilous corporate landscape, heightened regulation, global enforcement and an emerging acknowledgment that mere window dressing is not enough, companies are finally getting serious about compliance. Demand has outstripped supply, and CECOs are regularly being elevated to the C-suite in positions structured for success.

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