Newsflash – April 15, 2013

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Inside this edition:

Canada RCMP Has 35 Active Bribery Investigations
Volkov: Why Independent CCO is Program Requirement
Big Win for 1st Amendment & Gov’t Accountability
Compliance & Ethics in the Movies (new!)

This Week’s Highlighted Story:

KPMG Audit Partner Exchanged Tips for $50K, Rolex Watch & Dinners
Dealbreaker, April 11, 2012
A long time KPMG audit partner and his golfing buddy have been charged with insider trading, forcing the firm to withdraw abruptly as auditor for firm clients Herbalife, Skechers and 3 others. Scott London is reported to have received “bags of cash” in a parking lot, a rolex watch and fancy dinners from his friend in return for stock tips worth $1.2mn in illicit profit.

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