A Canadian Association’s Big Tent Approach to C&E

A Canadian Association’s Big Tent Approach to C&E

Donna Boehme and Joe Murphy – Ethikos – March/April 2008

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In 1996, six ethics practitioners gathered in Toronto, Ontario, to discuss common issues and challenges arising in their individual roles in the emerging profession of corporate governance and ethics.

One of those original participants, Jane Garthson, recalls that the assembled group was “passionate about improving organizational ethics” and resolved at that first meeting to “raise the bar for ethics specialists scattered through Canada.”

Ultimately, the group formed the first national non-profit ethics practitioners organization in Canada, its name reflecting its bilingual English/French origins: the Ethics Practitioners’ Association of Canada/Association des praticiens en éthique du Canada (EPAC).

Today that organization has grown to approximately 200 members and, according to EPAC’s Chair, Norman Steinberg, those issues and challenges have increased exponentially in tandem with the growing complexity and changing demands of the profession.

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